Chinese-language training gains ground

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 February, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 February, 1997, 12:00am

Informatics' programmes in China have generated a positive response, both in the increasing number of programmes and students, and the reputation as a quality training and education service provider in China.

The training courses expanded to include business and management programmes to meet the growing demand for business professionals to sustain China's development.

The first batch of graduates from Informatics' secretarial courses was recruited by local and foreign enterprises operating in China.

Recently, Informatics in China (Shanghai) was awarded the 'Best Foreign Managed College' by the Shanghai Pudong Continuing Education Council (PCEC). This was in recognition of Informatics' operational and academic efficiency, as well as the results achieved by the students in Informatics.

Informatics Regional Applied Computing Centre (IRACC), Informatics' Chinese language IT training arm, further strenghened its operation in China by teaming up with the Chinese Examination Centre for Computer Software Engineers (CECCSE) to widen its market access through CECCSE's nation-wide network.

The company is now consolidating all locations in China and will expect them to expand their respective market shares. More courses will be introduced to each local market to meet the corresponding demand.

In Hong Kong, the company had another successful year.

More IT programmes were introduced to meet students' needs for academic excellence and career development. The distance learning units were requested by working adults.

The business and management programmes are designed to meet a strong need for such training in Hong Kong.

Informatics Taiwan, in conjunction with IRACC, has expanded its network to more than 20 centres offering Chinese-based IT programmes which are designed to meet Taiwan's demand for international programmes in the local language. The company expects growth in market share for such progammes in Taiwan.

Besides IT programmes, distance-learning programmes have emerged as another popular service for obtaining MBA and MSc degrees.

More distance-learning programmes would be introduced, the company said.

South Korea, the new member in the Informatics network, is preparing to offer its international standard programmes to Koreans who expect the quality programmes to help them remain competitive in Asia's growing economy.