Time to stop pornographic rot in territory

PUBLISHED : Friday, 21 February, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 21 February, 1997, 12:00am

I am writing to arouse public awareness about the state of pornographic culture. Something must be done to curb the appalling situation in Hong Kong.

Despite the prohibition of sale of indecent magazines, comics and video tapes to those aged below 18, it seems little has been done. Such items can easily be bought by teenagers.

Of course, profit is the most important consideration of publishers. Do they realise how much these things harm our teenagers? Originally, with the introduction of the Internet, there was no doubt that it brought much convenience to people. However, there are some indecent people trying to 'invade' the network and display pornographic pictures.

Worse still, pirate CDs of such films are overwhelming the territory. Youngsters, who love playing video games, find it hard to resist such temptation. Out of curiosity, many try to seek excitement this way. I fear it could become a trend.

As for the mass media, it is the most guilty of all sectors in the territory. There has been more and more criticism towards the media for over-emphasis on sexual affairs. In this profit-oriented city, publishing or filming what citizens seem to favour is inevitable.

But people involved should think critically before making decisions.

Sad to say, these undesirable aspects can have detrimental effects on our youngsters. Being exposed too much to undesirable magazines or films, one may encounter mental distortion; psychological health may be damaged.

Do you find more teenagers are now dating? It is commonly believed that they are influenced by the mass media, peer pressure and lack of attention by their families.

I totally agree with these. More seriously, it seems the aim of dating by youngsters is to find a partner for intercourse purposes. I think this phenomenon is especially true for gangsters in society, who have no proper jobs.

The relevant authorities should pay much more attention to this issue.

It is time for them to take immediate action to stop the trend, not just pay lip-service to it.

As for the mass media, it is to be hoped that they can exercise self-discipline and not violate the order of society.

Being a student, I feel particularly deeply about the influences exerted on teenagers.