Men less forgiving of adultery

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 26 February, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 26 February, 1997, 12:00am

Women are more forgiving than men when it comes to adultery, according to a voluntary centre.

A two-month pilot project by Caritas established two counselling groups - one for men who are adulterers, and another for men whose wives had been unfaithful.

None of the participants said that they would be willing to forgive unfaithful wives, but half of the unfaithful men had been accepted back by their wives.

Most had children, but the betrayed men expressed more concern about the effect of a broken family on their children than the adulterous men, said Mr Tang.

The findings indicated the deep-rooted concept that 'it was more acceptable for men to have an affair', said counsellor Joe Tang Yiu-cho.

He said the men did not want the stigma of a 'green hat' - an intimate relationship between a wife and another man. Women would be more likely to be bitter about their husbands' dishonesty.

The six male adulterers counselled were aged 37 to 45 and had been married for seven to 19 years. The five men whose wives had been unfaithful were aged 31 to 56 and had been married for between 21/2 and 23 years.