Misguided opinions

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 11 March, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 11 March, 1997, 12:00am

Henry Fok Ying-tung's predictions about Hong Kong's future, 'Tycoon Fok takes swipe at democrats' (South China Morning Post, March 4), while interesting, are entirely misguided. So much so, they appear to describe his own self-indulgent persona.

Fortunately, his prediction that Hong Kong's democrats 'will not stand the test of time' more aptly describes his own twisted logic.

He and his ilk are the ones sabotaging other people's interests. And he is the one attempting to muzzle anyone who disagrees with him.

While Hong Kong need not embrace the colonial system, it should be left to Hong Kong's people to decide.

As is so readily obvious, and as has been pointed out endlessly in these pages, inept political systems such as China's have been dying off the world over for the the past few years.

The individuals freedoms found in Hong Kong might not suite Mr Fok's personal agenda, but I don't know of too many here who are willing to surrender them to the idle thoughts of such narrow-minded people.

Mr Fok is correct on one point - time will be a fair judge, but the bell seems to be tolling for him. CHRIS KUCWAY Mui Wo