Clint's perfect western

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 17 February, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 17 February, 1993, 12:00am

THREE days after St Valentine's celebration and donations are still coming in for Pearl's Be My Valentine campaign to raise money for the Children's Cancer Foundation.

The latest total, including money given at the Love Isn't Enough show broadcast live from Pacific Place on Saturday, is more than $377,000.

That programme was commendable for the single-minded efforts of its hosts Valerie Chow (who is soon to replace Sue Brooks on Eye on Hongkong) and Kenneth Chan to keep the donations coming.

It all came across as unusually altruistic for Hongkong.

''IF I was going to do a last western, it seems like this would be the perfect one'': the words of Clint Eastwood, the 62-year-old mega-star, speaking about his latest movie Unforgiven.

At last month's Golden Globe Awards, Unforgiven won both the Best Director prize for Eastwood and Best Supporting Actor for Gene Hackman.

Multi-Oscar nominations are expected to follow and many critics are hailing the film as the best western ever made.

Just how it was made is revealed in Eastwood and Co: Making Unforgiven (Pearl 8.15pm). A timely piece of scheduling, the movie opens in Hongkong next Thursday.

TWO schools of thought have developed on Rough Guide to the World's Journeys (Pearl 8.40pm).

One sees it as an unusual, upbeat and informative travelogue that finally breaks away from the Judith Chalmers school of holiday programming so prevalent in the last decade or so.

To the other any appeal the content may have is wiped out by the patronising manner of presenters Magenta De Vine and Sankha Guha.

True, they are quite alarmingly full of themselves and Magenta has obviously never come near to ''roughing it'' in her life.

But, just compare it with Journey Across the World (Pearl 7.35pm), which proffers about as much original info on a country as your average travel brochure.

Like 'em or loathe 'em, this week De Vine and Guha take on America's southern states, travelling through Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans.

MUST have missed The Dive (Pearl 9.45pm) when it was first shown in December 1991. Nor do its stars - Bjorn Sunquist and Eindride Eidsvold - sound overly familiar.

According to the synopsis, two deep sea divers are trapped underwater while attempting to repair an oil rig. A veteran diver who's due to retire - so no doubt he'll meet a watery end - goes to their rescue, but the winchline on their diving bell snaps, sending all three to the bottom of the sea.

Sounds like fun, fun, fun all the way.

ROBERT Redford talks about his new film A River Runs Through It in an exclusive interview with Barry Norman on Film '93 (BBC 7.25pm). Let's hope the usually laid back Norman is rather less obsequious than he was in his interview with Kevin Costner two weeks ago.

TRUE soccer fans can stay up half the night to see the live broadcast of the World Cup qualifier between England and San Marino (Prime Sports 4am).

Those less dedicated should wait until tomorrow night (Prime Sports 10pm) and watch the repeat.

NEWS hotfoot from STAR is that MTV will premiere the latest video from the queen of kitsch, Madonna. VJ Sophiya will introduce Bad Girl, (MTV 5.15pm) the third release from her Erotica album.

The video also features an appearance by Willem Dafoe (Platoon) who co-stars with Madonna in her new movie Body of Evidence - another one that's been roundly panned by the critics.