Film poster an affront to Christianity

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 11 March, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 11 March, 1997, 12:00am

While passing by the posters at a bus stop on Kennedy Road with my son, close to the Peak Tram, he exclaimed 'that's disgusting', while pointing to an advertisement depicting a man, clearly representing Jesus being crucified, with the lower portion of a woman's body acting as the 'cross'.

This poster advertises a film about a well-known American publisher of pornography and has a rating for adults only.

The idea of this movie and poster, as reported in a previous issue of your newspaper, is that the publisher was 'crucified' by conservative elements in the United States in a trial for libel towards an American politician. Your paper also reported that this poster was recently banned in France.

I strongly urge the same action be taken here in Hong Kong.

It is bad enough that elements in the media produce such films which seem to glorify or glamorise indecent or socially damaging behaviour with impunity.

It is clearly another issue to publicly advertise such films with the utter desecration and defilement of the holiest symbol in all of Christianity - Jesus on the cross.

We have a solemn duty and obligation in the multi-cultural and multi-religious society of Hong Kong to respect each other's beliefs and holy symbols.

This issue is also timely in light of the recent protests against the publishing of disturbing photos depicting unfortunate victims of violent crime. At least in these cases, one must first purchase the newspapers to be confronted with the explicit photos. In this case, such affronts to Christianity are publicly displayed for all to see.

Although I am not aware which government department oversees or approves the public display of such posters, it is very difficult to imagine how such a blatant mocking of Christianity was allowed to be put up in the first place. The most appropriate action in this case is for the distributor of the film to reconsider this highly damaging and insensitive attack on the Christian religion and to quickly remove all these posters from public areas.

If this is not done, then I ask all Christians as well as members of other religions to condemn this shameful advertisement and call on the Government to take swift action to remove it immediately, as well as implement any action necessary to prevent the showing of such slanderous advertisements in the future.