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PUBLISHED : Sunday, 16 March, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 16 March, 1997, 12:00am

Trophy Bass 2 For PCs with CD-ROMs Go fishing when you should be at work.

Select your lure, rod, lake and boat and see what you can catch. You could be instantly hooked by Trophy Bass 2.

The game is the sequel to the incredibly successful Trophy Bass and now has network and modem play.

You can challenge your fishing buddies to a match any time on any of 10 lakes.

The game includes maps and photographs of the waters, accurate depth readings and features like lily pads, submerged tree stumps and other places fish love to congregate.

You can also get more than 100 professional tips in good-quality video.

In TB2, bass are to be found, realistically, in areas where the real fish would be likely to congregate, rather than just being scattered at random as in TB1.

So do not expect to find too many of them in the shallow water, unless the temperature is higher.

Try deeper breaklines outside bays and off points.

The fish are easier or harder to find according to which setting you are on - easy, medium or hard.

Muddy water also makes the game more difficult.

Trophy Bass 2 is on the whole, a great game.

The fishing simulation gives you a real sense of excitement that you don't get from similar games.

Multi-player tournaments are possible over the Internet or a modem. Every second will then count.

If you would rather just relax, choose a multi-player co-operative game, where you can just chat and fish.

The on-line fishing book is very useful for those who have encountered difficulties playing the game. It includes facts about fish, and tips on equipment. The book is 20 per cent bigger than the previous version.

To play TB2, you need an IBM PC/ Compatible with at least 486 DX2/66 processor, running Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.

Your system also needs a minimum 8 MB of RAM, hard-drive, SVGA monitor, mouse and 2x or faster CD-ROM drive.

A 14.4 or faster modem is required for modem play. For network play, you need a card, while for Internet play, browser and provider are required. The game supports sound card with/ DAC. However, TB2 supports joystick play in Windows 95 only.

MEGAHINT: When fishing on Hard mode, there are a few moments after the Fishing Screen opens and before the deeper fish are completely hidden.

Quickly select your Autocast cursor, scan the water and mark a point near the best fish before they disappear.

MEGAHINT: An effective topwater lure is a blue popper. Use the same method as for the frog.