Like a lamb heading for slaughter

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 21 February, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 21 February, 1993, 12:00am

LAMB KILLER, with Teresa Mo Sun-kwun, Alfred Cheung Kin-ting and Anthony Wong Chau-sang. Directed by Chik Kay-yi. On Regal circuit.

IS IT a comedy, a thriller or a spoof? After 90 minutes, you are not sure what to make of Lamb Killer.

Veering wildly between murderous mayhem and unfunny farce, this mishmash is one ''lamb'' that should be silenced.

The confusing plot deals with the search by Japanese-raised Miss Matsuda (Teresa Mo) for the killers of her estranged twin, Jenny (Mo again).

Lamb Killer is supposedly a comedy, but in the first 10 minutes we witness murder, suicide, an exploding house and a flashback of child abuse.

The items are as ''amusing'' as most of the jokes, including a number of stereotypical portrayals of Japanese, gays and blacks. Matsuda's stepfather is a samurai caricature, while Jenny's best friend is a red nail-polished ''queen'' (Anthony Wong).

The only item that gives Lamb Killer a semblance of hope is Mo. She is a gifted performer wasted in a role which, ironically, shows her talent.

Whether the prim-and-proper Matsuda or the wanton Jenny, emo ting terror or going for broad burlesque, Mo is equal to the challenge.