Set example

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 26 April, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 26 April, 1997, 12:00am

I was shocked and saddened to read about the death of Ocean Park's killer whale Hoi Wai, and I can well understand how upset the staff at Ocean Park must be.

I for my part am still wondering how to explain to my eight and five-year-old children that Hoi Wai is gone forever.

I would urge management of Ocean Park not to replace Hoi Wai with another killer whale. This will set an example to other marine parks.

Children around the world are taught how animals fare better if allowed to remain in their natural environment.

To confine such a magnificent species to limited space in the pens is akin to the treatment that has been meted out to the panther in the Botanical Gardens.

Please Ocean Park, set an example to others and don't allow the confinement of such fine creatures.