Getting a buzz from hard work

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 29 April, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 29 April, 1997, 12:00am

I was shocked when I first discovered a bee hive outside my bedroom window.

I cried for help so my father came in and tried his best to chase the bees away, but they flew too high for him to reach.

To be safe, I closed all the windows and took all my toys away from the window ledge. I was scared and avoided looking at the ugly beehive.

Then a thought flashed through my mind: now was an opportunity to learn something which may improve my knowledge of biology.

When I summoned the courage to look outside I saw that the bees were constantly flying to and from their 'home'.

I looked closer and noticed that the honeycombs were arranged in such a regular pentagonal way, it was as if they had been produced by a machine. It was amazing! Despite the weather being hot and dry, the bees continued to work without stopping. This impressed me and made me think of the life of some teenagers in the territory.

In Hong Kong, every youth gets the chance to receive regular education.

Some are fortunate enough to be educated in a clean, well-disciplined and pleasant environment. But sadly these students do not appreciate this precious opportunity.

Every day they struggle to get to school, believing tests and exams are terrible for them, dozing off in lessons. And some read only comics! Compared to the bees, we human beings should feel ashamed.

Humans always have claimed that they are the most advanced species in the animal world. But perhaps it's not desirable to be the best at laziness.

Bees always work hard in summer and put away food for winter. They will not rest during the summer nor delay their work until autumn. I think we can learn from them.

Perhaps you think you are intelligent enough to complete your work well within a short time. I believe work can be done well only if time and effort are devoted to it.

Like the bees which enjoy the fruits of their labours in their perfect honeycomb, we will be rewarded for hard work.

I was inspired after observing the bees outside my window.

Working hard and overcoming laziness are the only ways to success.

Man-gee is a pupil of Our Lady's College