Put lessons before romance

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 06 May, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 06 May, 1997, 12:00am

The pressure of study and examinations puts a heavy load on young people as they mature.

Some say school work is so important that romantic relationships should wait until after Form Seven. Others believe that a healthy romance between two young people can be of great benefit to both of them.

My opinion is that all teenagers should wait until they finish their school courses before getting involved in a relationship.

There are several good reasons why love should wait.

First, students are too young. Teenagers face many challenges during a stage of their life which is often difficult to understand. How can they know what true love is? Second, most of them are only curious about the opposite sex and may not really love their respective boyfriend or girlfriend. Waiting longer for the right partner may be better advice.

Third, if a young couple splits up then one person could become depressed about the separation and even start thinking about suicide.

Finally, a longer wait can test a couple's love - is it true or not? Those who really love each other deeply will not mind waiting until they have finished their studies.

Basically, students are too young to fall in love before finishing their courses. It's obvious there are good reasons why love should wait. Romance could severely affect studies and waste time.

Man-fai is a student of Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School