Procedures will be reviewed

PUBLISHED : Monday, 12 May, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 12 May, 1997, 12:00am

I refer to Dr B. W. Darrell's letter (South China Morning Post May 1) concerning the temporary pier construction at Ping Chau and I would like to take this opportunity to respond to the issues concerning the Architectural Services Department (ASD).

The supervision of all construction projects is undertaken by staff of this department on a regular basis.

For the project in Ping Chau, the site is normally visited by supervisory staff on a daily basis.

The contract documents for this project were prepared and based on known site conditions at the time.

There was no restriction on the use of fine fill material included, but the subsequent restriction on the use of this material is contractually binding and will be enforced.

With regard to the quantities of boulders and debris subsequently found on the seabed in the vicinity of the pier, arrangements have been put in hand for their removal by specialist diving contractors. Particular care and attention will be given to the dismantling of the pier on completion of the works and every effort will be made to reinstate the area to the same condition that existed before the work started.

Any damage to the coral and seabed as a result of the construction works is very much regretted.

I can assure you that as a result of the problems encountered on the project, procedures within the department will be reviewed to ensure that there is no repetition of a situation where marine life may be threatened by a construction project.

P. L. KWAN for Director of Architectural Services