Play fair with the fans

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 24 February, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 24 February, 1993, 12:00am

TVB, you've gone and done it again. We seem to remember at the beginning of the soccer season you began (and still are) showing English Soccer sometime after midnight on Monday.

Various letters of complaint were written to the South China Morning Post pleading to reschedule it to a more sensible hour so that all soccer fans, especially youngsters, could watch it. Your reply, which is still stated on the plug for the show, was that the programme was shown at that hour because it was ''hot off the satellite''. Imagine my surprise, when watching the sports segment of your evening news at 7.10 on February 22, to being treated to highlights of matches played on February 20 involving Manchester United and Norwich City, only to see the exact same highlights at the end of English Soccer the next morning. Does that mean that you have been dishonest to all the faithful soccer fans in Hongkong this season? The fact that the footage shown wasfeatured at the end of English Soccer shows that you had received the whole satellite feed before 7.10 that evening.

Although we all tune in to Totally Hidden Video and The Wall Street Journal Report with boundless enthusiasm, I would be more than willing to forego this pleasure and be treated to English Soccer, when it really would be hot off the satellite. Come on TVB, lift your game - just this once. ANDREW HUNT Happy Valley