Murderer sparks panic in gay scene

PUBLISHED : Monday, 19 May, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 19 May, 1997, 12:00am

With his boy-next-door looks and gushing charm, Andrew Cunanan, 27, is not an obvious candidate for the nation's most wanted man.

But this bespectacled, clean-cut man has leapt to the top of the FBI's fugitives list, sparking a nationwide manhunt for a cruel sociopath believed to be responsible for four brutal murders.

Panic has spread through the gay community in New York, where homosexuals fear Manhattan will be the home of his next victim.

Cunanan, the affable party animal described by his mother as a cynical tale-spinner and male prostitute, is suspected of leaving four men dead in a trail of murder leading from Minneapolis to Chicago and New Jersey.

Rather than fitting the role of a serial killer, Cunanan is thought to be a clever and ruthless man who committed one murder and then launched into a killing spree to steal cars to stay one step ahead of his pursuers.

The investigation started after the May 4 murder of Lee Miglin, 72, a multi-millionaire property developer, at his Chicago home. Miglin was found stabbed and his car had gone missing.

Agents then found the bodies of architect David Madson and company manager Jeffrey Trail - both known to Cunanan from the San Diego gay scene - in Minneapolis.

It is believed Cunanan took Madson's car to Chicago, where he is thought to have been a friend of Duke Miglin, son of the murdered multi-millionaire. It seems Lee Miglin was killed for his car, a Lexus found last week in a New Jersey cemetery.

Nearby was the fourth victim, a graveyard caretaker shot in the head. His pickup truck was missing.

New York homosexual activists have been busy putting up posters in bars warning customers about the fugitive.