Family unity has rewards

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 May, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 May, 1997, 12:00am

Harmony and unity of family life was the theme of an unusual competition at a shopping mall on Mother's Day.

Staged at Wonderful Worlds of Whampoa, organised by Contemporary International and sponsored by Nestle Smarties, the contest was held to reveal different families' ideas of harmony.

'We wanted to offer an opportunity for families to carry out certain activities together so as to show how united the members were,' said Iris Chan Yee-yan, Contemporary International project officer.

Ten finalists were chosen from more than 30 families who took part in the contest.

The competition was divided into four parts.

The first part involved role play; the second part aimed to test the mutual understanding among family members; the third part was a question-answering session, while the fourth was an imitation section. Winners of each part received a certificate and a toaster.

The overall champion was the Yau family consisting of two-year-old Tai-wai, and his parents Yau Wai-leung and Yau Lo Wai-ling. They received a trophy and a gift coupon worth $2,000.

The first runner-up was another Yau family comprising Ching-kwan, three, Chunk-Him, 1.5, and their parents Yau Ka-wah and Yau Tang Yuen-ha. They collected a medal and a gift coupon worth $1,000.

The second runner-up was the Li family of Li Sin-wa, his cousin Cheung Koon-lok and his mother Li Fung Mei-kuen.They won a medal and a gift coupon worth $500.

According to Yau Lo Wai- ling, family unity can be achieved by communicating more with other family members.

She spoke warmly of family experiences which had made an impression upon her.

She said on the day of her husband's birthday, their son Tai-wai, holding a piece of birthday cake, stood waiting at their front door for his father to come home.

His father was surprised and delighted with the birthday greeting.

She said she believed more talking and story-telling enhanced the relationship between parents and children.

Yau Ching-kwan's mother, Yau Tang Yuen-ha agreed.

'Communication plays an important part in family life,' Mrs Yau said.

'We chat with the children and instil family concepts in them.

'It builds better relationships between all of us.'