Paltry fare for sports enthusiasts

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 11 June, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 11 June, 1997, 12:00am

In his letter headlined, 'Frustrated' (South China Morning Post, May 22), Barrie Dickinson complained that the cricket programmes advertised on STAR Sports, were only shown in the Middle East, and not locally.

Mr Dickinson is right. STAR Sports whetted our appetites by showing some good Australia v English Counties cricket.

However when it comes to the main meal, Australia v England, three one-day matches plus the Ashes tests, we are left hungry. But it is not only in cricket that STAR TV disappoints us. Throughout the season it regularly showed the very exciting NBA Basketball Match of the Day, but when it comes to the playoff semi-final and finals, again nothing.

Similarly up to about four months ago the station gave us Tuesday night fights, but since then no boxing whatsoever.

When asked what is happening, the station blithely tells you its contracts have finished. I would like to remind the company that if it was willing to pay more, it might secure the contracts for the complete series of events. STAR Sports used to be my favourite channel. I only wish I lived in a building that could receive Cable.

J. WILSON Kowloon