Handing out information keeps material girl busy

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 17 June, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 17 June, 1997, 12:00am

It is not just the souvenir manufacturers who have stepped up production in recent weeks, the Government has gone into publicity overdrive, churning out reams of briefings and glossy booklets.

Much of the material has been for the benefit of the 8,000 accredited journalists. While the Press & Broadcast Centre was empty last night, a handful of Government Information Services officers were preparing for the media stampede. These included creative sub-division chief information officer Heidi Kwan Lai-man.

What does the handover mean to you? A good challenge to do all this demanding work within a short period of time.

What have you been doing in the past few months? Among many other things we have handled the design and printing of all material in relation to the handover, including programme books, invitation cards, the stationary for the handover office, the posters you see around this centre, the Trade Development Council guidebook. We have been preparing all the material you see in your press kits, all the exhibition materials and booth designs.

Who designed the handover logo and chose turquoise? It was one of my designers. We recommended the colour, gave them three choices but this is what we recommended.

Why, because it is politically neutral? This was one of the considerations and also turquoise is very good to see from afar.

When did things get really busy? The past two months have been very hectic, but we began to work on this project at the end of last year.

How busy have you been? For the past month or so, I have been working late, 9 am-to-8 pm is regular. Leave has been cancelled since April. My people in the design studios have been working seven days a week for a long, long time already. They consider it a very big challenge.

Will it be difficult switching allegiance from one administration to another at midnight on June 30? If Anson Chan doesn't find it difficult, we won't find it difficult. We don't find it a problem here, maybe we are too far down the operational line. I can only say we are a professional civil service.