Selfish humans pay for destroying forests

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 17 June, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 17 June, 1997, 12:00am

Some strange and terrible things happened this morning.

I remember falling asleep in the MTR. But when I woke up, the train was empty. To my horror, all streets and buildings in the area were empty too.

Then I saw my assistant, Mark. He was seriously hurt. He told me that residents of the area had been attacked by lions and tigers. Then Mark took me to a castle. We took our guns out.

We saw a giant lion and tiger. They were about 10 metres tall.

'Let all the people go away, or else I'll kill you,' I screamed.

'We don't think we'll let the people go. Put down your gun and I won't hurt you,' the giant lion roared. 'Please listen to our story,' said the giant tiger. 'About a million years ago, we used to live happily in a forest. But then, people started chopping down the nice trees we had. As a result, we couldn't get food easily. Some of us were taken to the zoo, while others were made to perform in a circus. Some people even dumped their rubbish in our forest.' 'We'll plant some trees for you,' Mark promised.

Mei-yee is a student at Confucian Ho Kwok Pui Chun College