Telecom staff keeps ringing the changes

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 19 June, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 19 June, 1997, 12:00am

Hongkong Telecom's operations have the potential to touch the lives of the entire population plus the millions of tourists who visit each year.

Marisa Leung, Hongkong Telecom's director of sales, said: 'Our aim is to provide a consistent and high quality service to all our customers that meets and exceeds their expectations and delights them.' Ms Leung said a philosophy of quality service and solutions had been embraced by Telecom staff at all levels.

'Service and courtesy are basic elements in our total package of services, but they have been developed in a unique way which cannot be copied.

'We try to help employees develop their skills to such a level so that providing good customer service becomes second nature,' Ms Leung said.

'When a customer enters a shop or a telephone enquiry is made, the person should be greeted in an open and friendly way without any prompting.' Service and courtesy training are put to the test when an employee faces a difficult situation. To develop people skills and learn how to handle problematic situations, staff take part in workshops and behaviour role play.

Ms Leung said the standard of Telecom's service brought many referrals and repeat business. She said it was important to take part in the awards contest to raise awareness of the company's strengths and gain recognition from a wider audience outside the industry.

She said a crucial part of building a company with a customer-driven philosophy was in recruiting the right people backed by strong management support.

Favourable feedback and comments from the public about the performance of a particular member of the staff are widely circulated within the company and brought to the attention of management.

A customer advisory group consisting of 200 randomly selected members of the public serving a two-year term are regularly consulted for a customer's perspective of operations and new products.