Guangdong officers told to obey gun laws

PUBLISHED : Monday, 21 July, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 21 July, 1997, 12:00am

The Guangdong Public Security Bureau has warned its officers to observe gun rules, just days after a policeman opened fire on civilians.

The Public Security Bureau has called on officers at all levels to consolidate their knowledge of the rules regarding gun use, China News Service reported.

Public security officers are forbidden to rent, lend, swap or give away their guns, or use them to threaten or for extortion.

They are forbidden to carry a gun in nightclubs or while drinking alcohol.

Officers who break the rules face prosecution.

Although the National People's Congress has promulgated laws governing the use of firearms by law-enforcement officers, gun control remains lax and even heavy firearms such as machine-guns are still available on the black market.

Last week, a policeman in Taipin, near Qinyuan city, shot three brothers, killing two, over a traffic dispute.

The officer, identified as Zhong Zhenda, then went to a police station and returned with a light machine-gun. He threatened onlookers and fired shots before fleeing.