PUBLISHED : Saturday, 02 August, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 02 August, 1997, 12:00am

We refer to the letter from S. K. Lee, headlined, 'No action against noisy buses,' (South China Morning Post, June 25). We suspect Dr Lee is referring to a batch of buses we operate since we have had previous contact with him on this topic.

The 'brake squeal' condition mentioned in the letter occurs on one specific batch of our brand new buses, totalling about 90 vehicles. Many tests have been conducted since early this year to establish the cause. Further research and development by the brake lining and brake drum manufacturers, as well as the bus manufacturer, is continuing to resolve this unacceptable problem.

We have, in fact, held back in the UK the last one of the new buses from this batch, so that exhaustive tests can be conducted at the specialised research facilities, under the scrutiny of the various experts concerned, until a lasting solution is found.

We would like Dr Lee to understand that we are very keen to resolve this issue, but we have to appeal for more time to finally resolve this annoying problem. Unfortunately, it seems that solving the mystery of 'brake squeal' can be just as difficult as finding a single cure for the common cold, but find it we will.

CHRISTINE LAU Corporate Communications Manager Citybus Limited