Butterfly Dream

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 12 August, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 12 August, 1997, 12:00am

Butterfly Dream, Theatre Fanatico, Arts Centre, August 8 After the 90-minute performance, the audience is invited to share its views and thoughts of the production with the director and actors. About a third of us stayed behind, if only to find out what the show was about.

Directed by Hoyingfung of Theatre Fanatico, Butterfly Dream - the final chapter of the Miss Julie trilogy' - is a unique, daring and innovative piece of experimental theatre that deserves attention and praise.

I remember watching the first of this series Entering Miss Julie in 1995 with misgivings. I was completely baffled. Who is Miss Julie? At the time, this kind of 'absurd theatre' was still new to the local audience.

Since then, Hoyingfung's new theatrical language has gained more recognition, his techniques are no longer as alienated.

During our discussion, Hoyingfung said there were no right or wrong interpretations of his work. Whatever we chose to interpret, such as the props or the actors' movements, would reflect our own experiences in life.

My interpretation of Butterfly Dream is, surprisingly, very sexual. And here it is: A civil servant (Andy Ng) lives in a Kafkaesque world. He is bored with his life and wife (Mui Cheuk-yin), who is dutiful but sexually repressed. He needs excitement and he finds it in Miss Julie (Pricilla Leung), an older woman.

They have a torrid love affair but something has gone wrong. Did they have an illegitimate child? Or is the wife not as pure and dutiful as suggested? Butterfly Dream is set in Hong Kong during the handover ceremony (suggested by television footage).

Since there is no script, the actors have to make up the story as they go along - which means the story of Butterfly Dream will be different in every performance.

The drama reached its climax when it was revealed the wife was Miss Julie, a prostitute murdered on the eve of the handover. This brought us back to the opening scenes of Entering Miss Julie.