IBM serves up no-frills treat for number-crunching tennis fans

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 02 September, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 02 September, 1997, 12:00am

TENNIS INFORMATION IBM may have the flashier star pictures at their official US Open Web site (, but year-round this Web site is the best source for tennis news and stats.

Do not visit if you are looking for big Jpegs of Anna Kournikova, the Russian teen phenomena. The graphics are weak - the pastel backgrounds still manage to offend through their blandness.

Instead, Tennis Information is aimed at the numbers and news junkie. There are archives of men's and women's tennis results and rankings for the past five years.

During the US Open, you can find daily news reports from newspapers around the world covering the tournament. There are also links galore to official tournament Web sites round the world.

HOOVER'S ONLINE Everyone wants to charge big money for business information on the Web. But the Web sites that are willing to give a little - or a lot - away free are the ones winning fans and customers.

Hoover's, the famous US publisher of corporate directories and reference books, is taking the generous route. It is offering two handy tools. The first is a searchable directory of more than 5000 corporate Web sites around the world. The second is a searchable directory of more than 2,100 job-listing Web sites.

THE DRUDGE REPORT Political, entertainment and, of course, business rumours can take on a reality of their own that transcend any cold, hard fact. No wonder that fans in the political and entertainment business flock to Matt Drudge's Web site.

Composed mostly of news with a strong dash of spicy rumour, the Drudge Report is entertaining reading for United States culture vultures. His column - for which he solicits e-mail submissions via his Web site - lures in readers with hot gossip about Hollywood power lunches and Washington corridor chats.

Do not be mistaken - there is plenty of news and links to mainstream newspaper sites that make this a good starting point for any avid newspaper reader. But critics charge that the Drudge Report is nothing more than a Net-based tabloid.

One journalist, Sidney Blumenthal, is even suing Mr Drudge for US$30 million for slander for a brief item that reportedly accused Mr Blumenthal of spousal abuse.