Guidelines for swimming safe

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 03 September, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 03 September, 1997, 12:00am

I refer to your letter headlined 'Pools could be safe sporting environments' (South China Morning Post, August 27). I thank your correspondent for the valuable suggestions he made on the management of public swimming pools.

The Urban Services Department, which manages Provisional Urban Council (PUC) swimming pools, regularly reminds swimming pool staff to adhere to guidelines on their management and operation.

Frequent inspections are carried out by senior staff to ensure all these guidelines are being followed. Regarding the various suggestions raised in the letter, I would like to respond as follows: Hirers who organise swimming classes at PUC swimming pools are required to keep kick-board users within the limits of lanes set aside for swimming classes.

The level of pool water is maintained above the gutters. However, it may fluctuate due to evaporation. Pool staff have been advised to top up the water as and when required.

The cleansing of pool walls is normally carried out daily after the closure of the pool. However, when the situation warrants, extra cleansing will be carried out during opening hours and swimmers will be advised to leave the pool.

Lanes are set aside for lap swimming at Morrison Hill and Kowloon Park pools. We are reviewing whether such an arrangement should be extended to other pools.

Staff have been reminded to keep the pools neat and tidy at all times. No one is allowed to smoke or eat near the pools in order to avoid contamination.

The cleansing of changing rooms is usually carried out after the pools close. However, because of heavy usage, extra cleansing may be required during the day. Staff have been advised to use mops on such occasions instead of a hose.

Your correspondent can be sure every effort has been made to provide a safe and hygienic swimming environment for public enjoyment.

PAUL K K CHEUNG Assistant Director Urban Services (Acting)