Democrats plan new method of selection

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 06 September, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 06 September, 1997, 12:00am

The Democratic Party will adopt a new method to pick candidates for elections to help avoid internal disputes.

Party vice-chairman Dr Yeung Sum said all members could vote on the candidates in each constituency, to be followed by an approval at the general meeting.

'The geographical constituencies will be very large this time. We want to change our selection process so there won't be any dispute concerning priorities in the list of names,' he said.

The final procedures would be determined by members at a meeting on Sunday. It would also discuss members' inclination towards the National People's Congress election.

In the past, lists of candidates were proposed by district branches and then approved by the party core.

Dr Yeung called the Government hypocritical for promoting 'balanced participation' in the geographical constituencies but limiting minority voices in the Election Committee.

They met the Deputy Secretary for Constitutional Affairs, Ng Sek-hon, yesterday to voice their opposition to the Legislative Council Bill.

The party admitted they had little chance in winning seats through the Election Committee.

Dr Yeung said under the single transferable vote system used in 1995, a party would only need 73 votes out of the 800 Election Committee members to win a seat.

But under the block voting system proposed by the Government, a party or a combined force who controls more than 300 votes can dominate the 10 seats through the committee, Dr Yeung said.