Come back down to earth

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 07 March, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 07 March, 1993, 12:00am

IT MAY be unlikely to reach the Top 10, but there have been a few people humming Why Don't You Come Back around town recently.

In case you missed this ditty, it was printed, with instructions on how to sing it, in a magazine for architects, although the author preferred anonymity.

Poetry it isn't, but the message is clear enough.

Why don't you come back?/ Why don't you come back?/ To the Basic Law/ There is no urgency, as convergency/ Why are you so [sic] hurry?/ For Democracy!/ Lobbying all over the world/ Even Japanese/ Japanese ''Ah-so''/ We do not know/ For elect Clinton/ Trade's more important/ For that Mulroney/ He likes a baloney/ We Hongkong people/ Much prefer money/ Governor Patten/ What will happen/ You'll be in London/ We might be part of Shenzhen/ All we want's freedom/ Freedom to make money/ There is no future/ For you to confront/ With a strong China/ Who is now so modern/ Come back to the Basic Law/ That's best for us all.

Pity they missed this year's Grammy Award nominations.