Shipping in port

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 17 September, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 17 September, 1997, 12:00am

ARRIVING TODAY APL Philippines (APL), from US, 10am, HIT.

Chuhe (Wai Hong), from Shanghai, 11am, A.Buoy.

Dawangfeng (Kenway), from Kaohsiung, noon, B.Buoy.

Dolphin Bravery (East West), from Kaohsiung, 1pm, B.Buoy.

Eastwood (Cheng Lie), from Jakarta, 9am, A.Buoy.

Elbe Oldendorff (Jardine), from Keelung, 8am, K.Bank.

Ever Amply (Kong Hing), from Pusan, 10am, B.Buoy.

Ever Group (Evergreen), from Kaohsiung, 8am, HIT.

Freedom Container (Powick), from Kaohsiung, 5pm, A.Buoy.

Fuchun (Hyaline), from Taichung, 6pm, HIT.

Good Success (CMS), from Dalian, 8am, K.Bank.

Hai Cheng (Cosco), from Huangpu, 5pm, HIT.

Hanjin Beijing (Hanjin), from Suva, 3am, SLT.

Hanjin Hongkong (Hanjin), from Europe, 10am, K.Bank.

Hunsa Bhum (Hyaline), from Singapore, 2am, HIT.

Hyundai Federal (Hyundai), from Europe, 10am, HIT.

Kaga (NYK), from Europe, 3am, MTL.

Manaslu (Good Sources), from Shanghai, 8am, MTL.

McKinney Maersk (Maersk), from Europe, 11am, MTL.

Nicosia (Hyaline), from Kaohsiung, 2am, HIT.

Regina Maersk (Maersk), from Europe, 8am, MTL.

Repulse Bridge (Kawasaki), from Bangkok, 9am, HIT.

Sealand Defender (Sealand), from US, 5am, SLT.

Seven Seas Singapore (Dong Woo), from Ho Chi Minh City, noon, A.Buoy.

Shanhe (Cosco), from Singapore, 3pm, HIT.

Sufa (Wai Hong), from Nantung, 8pm, B.Buoy.

Thuban (Excelsior), from Kaohsiung, 10am, B.Buoy.

Tower Bridge (Kawasaki), from Japan, 8am, HIT.

Uni Winner (Evergreen), from Shanghak, 10pm, HIT.

Yangzi Jiang 5 (Zhong Shan), from Zhangjiagang, 9am, B.Buoy.

SAILINGS TODAY ACX Lilac (NYK), for Japan, 3am, MTL.

ACX Rose (NYK), for Singapore, 2am, MTL.

APL Philippines (APL), for Singapore, 8am, HIT.

Asian Friendship (Dong Woo), for Haiphong, 10am, B23.

Brother Hope (CML), for Singapore, 5pm, B30.

California Senator (Jebsen), for Portsaid, 5pm, K.Bank.

Estoril (PIL), for Singapore, 1am, A62.

Ever Group (Evergreen), for New York, 10pm, HIT.

Ever Right (Evergreen), for Europe, 5pm, HIT.

Hanjin Malta (Hanjin), for New York, 5am, SLT.

Hunsa Bhum (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung, 3pm, HIT.

Hyundai Federal (Hyundai), for Kaohsiung, 10pm, HIT.

Jervis Bay (P&O Nedlloyd), for Europe, 2am, MTL.

Jinzhan (Golden Fortune), for Shanghai, 8pm, K.Bank.

Kaga (NYK), for Europe, 5pm, MTL.

Kai Cheng (Hyaline), for Xiamen, 3am, HIT.

Kaishun (Hyaline), for Xiamen, 10am, HIT.

Manaslu (Good Sources), for Shanghai, 8pm, HIT.

Mare Ionium (Maersk), for Singapore, 3pm, MTL.

Med Genova (Pearl Delta), for Port Said, 9am, HIT.

Ming Sun (Pearl Delta) for Europe, 1am, HIT.

Ming Talent (Pearl Delta), for Manila, 10am, HIT.

MSC Jasmine (Wallem), for Port Said, 2am, HIT.

Nicosia (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung, 11am, HIT.

Prosperity Container (Powick), for Pusan, 5am, K.Bank.

Rea (Hyaline), for Keelung, 8am, HIT.

Repulse Bridge (Kawasaki), for Japan, 9pm, HIT.

Richmond Bridge (Kawasaki), for Durban, 3am, MTL.

Sealand Defender (Sealand), for Pusan, 5pm, SLT.

Shin Chun (Hyaline), for Singapore, 8am, HIT.

Tower Bridge (Kawasaki), for Seattle, 3pm, HIT.

Uni Forever (Evergreen), for Kaohsiung, 3am, HIT.

Xiushan (Good Sources), for Shanghai, 8am, B25.

Yongjinmen (CMS), for Ningbo, noon, HIT.

ARRIVED YESTERDAY ACX Lilac (NYK), Panamanian, from Singapore.

ACX Rose (NYK), Panamanian, from Keelung.

Asian Friendship (Dong Woo), Panamanian, from Haiphong.

Brother Hope (CML), Panamanian, from Japan.

California Senator (Jebsen), German, from Kaohsiung.

Chuhe (Wai Hong), Chinese, from Shanghai.

Elbe (OSK), Panamanian, from Japan.

Estoril (PIL), Panamanian, from Singapore.

Ever Loading (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung.

Gloria 1 (Kong Hing), Panamanian, from Pusan.

Hanjin Malta (Hanjin), Korean, from New York.

Jervis Bay (P&O Nedlloyd), British, from Zhuenchuen.

Jinzhan (Golden Fortune), Panamanian, from Shanghai.

Kai Cheng (Hyaline), Taiwanese, from Xiamen.

Luhe (Cosco), Panamanian, from US.

Med Genova (Pearl Delta), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung.

Mekong Quest (Maersk), Danish, from Haiphong.

Ming East (Pearl Delta), Taiwanese, from Europe.

Ming Sun (Pearl Delta), Taiwanese, from Kaohsiung.

MSC Jasmine (Wallem), Russian, from Pusan.

Prosperity Container (Powick), Panamanian, from Singapore.

Sea Prominence (Pearl Delta), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung.

Shima (NYK), Panamanian, from Kobe.

Shin Chun (Hyaline), Taiwanese, from Kaohsiung.

Uni Handsome (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung.

Uni Value (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung.

Vira Bhum (Euro Asia), Panamanian, from Bangkok.

W.H. 202 (Hyaline), Taiwanese, from Kaohsiung.

Wing Sing (Swellchief), Panamanian, from Ningbo.

Xiushan (Good Sources), Panamanian, from Shanghai.

Yongjinmen (CMS), Panamanian, from Ningbo.

SAILED YESTERDAY ACX Rose (NYK), for Singapore.

Ardmore (Euro Asia), for Singapore.

Aust Advance (Jardine), for Sydney.

Bauhinia (Dong Woo), for Ho Chi Minh City.

Elbe (OSK), for Europe.

Elbe Oldendorff (Jardine), for Durban.

Estoril (PIL), for Singapore.

Gloria 1 (Kong Hing), for Singapore.

Hanjin Kaohsiung (Hanjin), for Seattle.

Heung-A Ulsan (Kong Hing), for Haiphong.

Japan Senator (Hamda), for Singapore.

Kuo Wei (Cheng Lie), for Kaohsiung.

Mekong Quest (Maersk), for Haiphong.

Mosel (OSK), for Europe.

Nordwelle (Hyundai), for Keelung.

Sea Prominence (Sealand), for Japan.

Shima (NYK), for Santos.

Ta Mariner (Tasman), for Auckland.

Uni Value (Evergreen), for Pusan.

Veracruz (APL), for Suva.

Vira Bhum (Euro Asia), for Bangkok.

W.H. 202 (Hyaline), for Manila.

Wanchun (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung.

Wing Sing (Swellchief), for Ningbo.

Wing Soon (Chu Kong), for Bangkok.


Alligator Miracle (OSK), from Singapore.

Pusan Glory (Dong Woo), from Pusan.

Choyang Success (Choyang), from Singapore.

Chu Xiang (Wai Hong), from Ningbo.

Galway Bridge (Kawasaki), from Japan.

Hanjin Hamburg (Hanjin), from Seattle.

Hyundai Discovery (Hyundai), from Pusan.

Ingas (Hyaline), from Singapore.

Jitra Bhum (Hamda), from Manila.

Kota Wangsa (PIL), from Pusan.

Kuo Hsin (Cheng Lie), from Bangkok.

Kuo Lih (Cheng Lie), from Kaohsiung.

Longhe (Cosco), from Zhuenchuen.

Lucky River (Cosco), from Durban.

Luohe (Constran), from Shanghai.

Nedlloyd Houtman (P&O Nedlloyd), from Port Said.

Nedlloyd Orinoco (P&O Nedlloyd), from Singapore.

Nile (P&O Nedlloyd), from Shanghai.

Nordsund (Golden Fortune), from Shanghai.

NYK Vega (NYK), from Europe.

Oriental Hero (Igor), from Japan.

Pacific Breeze (Hyaline), from Keelung.

Pacific Senator (Jebsen), from Kaohsiung.

Sealand Initiative (Sealand), from Zhuenchuen.

Shahe (Constran), from Sydney.

Tiger Spring (CMS), from Ningbo.

Uni Forward (Evergreen), from Kaohsiung.

W.H. 203 (Hyaline), from Surabaya.

W.H. 222 (Hyaline), from Kaohsiung.

Westerland (Hyaline), from Kaohsiung.

Xinhuhe (Constran), from Auckland.

Yun Feng (Cheway), from Dalian.

Zim Europe (Sun Hing), from US.

Zim Kaohsiung 11 (Sun Hing), from Ho Chi Minh City.


Chuhe (Wai Hong), for Shanghai.

Dolphin Bravery (East West), for Bangkok.

Eastwood (Cheng Lie), for Kaohsiung.

Ever Amply (Evergreen), for Ho Chi Minh City.

Freedom Container (Powick), for Durban.

Good Easy (Kong Hing), for Inchon.

Hanjin Beijing (Hanjin), for Japan.

Hyundai Commodore (Hyundai), for Europe.

Ingas (Hyaline), for Japan.

Longhe (Cosco), for New York.

Malacca Glory (Dong Woo), for Singapore.

McKinney Maersk (Maersk), for Singapore.

Ming Zenith (Pearl Delta), for Europe.

Nile (Kawasaki), for Europe.

Poyang (Powick), for Japan.

Qinghe (Cosco), for Manila.

Regina Maersk (Maersk), for Japan.

Sealand Intrepid (Sealand), for Port Said.

Seven Sea Singapore (Dong Woo), for Inchon.

Sophie Schulte (Hanjin), for Singapore.

Vela (Kong Hing), for Haiphong.

Westerland (Hyaline), for Ho Chi Minh City.



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Shipping in port

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