Anger at the power of money

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 04 October, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 04 October, 1997, 12:00am

Money has once again been accorded the highest priority.

Here it is most evident, a striking case where people can no longer say to the new Humanists, 'What do you mean? Be practical. What do you mean by 'put the human being first in all affairs'?' It is clear when you look at the position taken by George Soros, by the entire range of financial experts, by Western governments and all the hangers-on who cannot form an objective opinion, that money has become sacrosanct over the affairs of man.

They believe there must be no obstacles put in the way of money, even at the cost of entire economies, countries and whole populations.

It would be very easy to place restrictions on the way money is handled, both domestically and internationally.

Such restrictions could be imposed by legislation and by international accord.

The difficulty lies in achieving that international consensus.

Money should not be made into a commodity and be put up for purchase and sale. Money should have a different function.

The present legislation and accepted norm of international co-operation confuses money, the medium of exchange today, with goods and services, the substance of purchases and sales. This greatly favours those who hold all the money.

It is legislation against the ordinary man, the 95 per cent.

Any country has the right to say no to the multinationals, the international banks, the establishments of high finance, the Soroses, the powerful in the military-industrial complexes.

Human rights means the human saying yes or no, according to the feeling and knowledge of what is best for his or her fellows, his and her community.

It is up to the human being to decide everything that affects human life and all that depends on it - that is freedom.

The free-wheeling and dealing of money is freedom for money only. What about people flow from country to country? TONY HENDERSON Chairman Humanist Association of Hong Kong