Unfair for society to short-change the aged

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 07 October, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 07 October, 1997, 12:00am

Society should not only take care of the young, but also it should look after the elderly.

It is so sad to see old people discarded by a society that no longer has use for them.

You find them sitting in the park every day.

Some of them are so poor they have to scratch around in the garbage for food.

People say priority should be given to the needs of the young, who are supposed to be the masters of the future. But the elderly have a right to be cared for by society. Some people think because they are no longer contributing to society, the elderly are useless.

But this is very wrong. They have had their 'good old days' when they were young and strong. They have their own 'glorious' past.

Likewise, they have already contributed to society.

In fact, today's achievements are the accumulation of past failures and successes, and those who built the past for us should enjoy their twilight years. Some people think the world belongs to the younger generation. It is true that we emphasise new knowledge and advanced technology.

Young people have learned this knowledge and that makes them feel secure.

But they forget that they have knowledge but no experience.

An old saying goes: 'Experience is the best teacher.' Young people are immature and emotionally unstable.

They need the advice of those who have had years of experience.

Although the Government subsidises the elderly, many are still unhappy and poor.

They need the 'full love' of society. Although the Government plays its role by providing them with some money, the families of the elderly, and society in general, also must play their role. Besides giving money to the elderly to maintain their lives, the Government should improve their housing conditions.

Their health is another worrying aspect.

Their families should do their best to support the elderly and take them out more often over weekends and during holidays.

We should not neglect our old people. They are our responsibility. Our elderly contributed a lot to society when they were young and now deserve our respect.

Mandy is a student of New Method College