Shipping in port

PUBLISHED : Monday, 27 October, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 27 October, 1997, 12:00am

ARRIVING TODAY Alligator Fortune (OSK), from Kobe, 8pm, HIT.

Ardmore (MSC), from Shanghai, 9am, A.Buoy.

Atlantic Lady (Powick), from Singapore, 3pm, A.Buoy.

Bauhinia (Dong Woo), from Pusan, 9pm, A.Buoy.

Choyang Express (Choyang), from Singapore, 2am, K.Bank.

Cocopalm Isle (NYK), from Bangkok, 8am, HIT.

Dolphin Ace (East West), from Kaohsiung, 5pm, B.Buoy.

Empress Sea (Cosco), from Ningbo, 1pm, B.Buoy.

Gloria 1 (Kong Hing), from Pusan, 9pm, K.Bank.

Halla Liberty (Dong Woo), from Bangkok, 8am, K.Bank.

Hanjin Bremen (Hanjin), from Europe, 10am, SLT.

Hanjin Chungmu (Hanjin), from Japan, 1am, K.Bank.

Heung-A Carmen (Kong Hing), from Pusan, 1pm, B.Buoy.

Heung-A Ulsan (Kong Hing), from Pusan, 9pm, B.Buoy.

Highgate (P&O Nedlloyd), from Lagos, 8am, HIT.

La Loire (NYK), from Japan, 10pm, HIT.

Mackinac Bridge (Kawasaki), from US, 3am, HIT.

Manhattan Bridge (Kawasaki), from Singapore, 8am, HIT.

Ming Union (Pearl Delta), from Kaohsiung, 9am, HIT.

Nedlloyd Asia (P&O Nedlloyd), from Zhuenchuen, 8am, HIT.

Nedlloyd Pasteur (P&O Nedlloyd), from Japan, noon, HIT.

Richmond Bridge (Kawasaki), from Durban, 2am MTL.

Sea Dragon (Cosco), from Pusan, 1am, HIT.

Songhe (Cosco), from Shanghai, noon, HIT.

Steindeich (Hyaline), from Kobe, 2am, HIT.

Tanghe (Cosco), from Singapore, 5pm, HIT.

Trade Harvest (Hanjin), from Shanghai, 5am, K.Bank.

Uni Obtain (Evergreen), from Kaohsiung, 3am, HIT.

Uni Value (Evergreen), from Singapore, 8am, HIT.

Veracruz (APL), from US, 8am, HIT.

Wanchun (Hyaline), from Taichung, 8pm, HIT.

Xianghe (Cosco), from Singapore, 8am, HIT.

Xiu Shan (Good Source), from Shanghai, 9am, B.Buoy.

Yumen (East West), from Manila, 3pm, B.Buoy.

Zim Sydney (Sun Hing), from Kaohsiung, 5am, HIT.

SAILINGS TODAY Bunga Pelangi (MSC), for Kaohsiung, 2am, HIT.

Chang Ying (Golden Fortune), for Shanghai, 5am, K.Bank.

Choyang Challenger (Choyang), for Pusan, 1am, A17.

Choyang Express (Choyang), for Inchon, 10pm, K.Bank.

Cocopalm Isle (NYK), for Japan, 11pm, HIT.

Hanjin Bremen (Hanjin), for Seattle, 10pm, SLT.

Hanjin Chungmu (Hanjin), for Singapore, 3pm, K.Bank.

Hansa Rostock (Hyaline), for Ho Chi Minh City, 8am, HIT.

Hyundai Explorer (Hyundai), for Seattle, 9am, HIT.

Kota Petani (PIL), for Manila, 10am, K.Bank.

Kuo Lih (Cheng Lie), for Kaohsiung, 8am, HIT.

Mackinac Bridge (Kawasaki), for Singapore, 5pm, HIT.

Manhattan Bridge (Kawasaki), for Suva, 10pm, HIT.

Ming Champion (Pearl Delta), for Bangkok, 11am, HIT.

Ming Union (Pearl Delta), for Manila, 9pm, HIT.

Nedlloyd Asia (P&O Nedlloyd), for Europe, 10pm, HIT.

Nedlloyd Oceania (P&O Nedlloyd), for Japan, 9am, HIT.

Nordwelle (Hyundai), for Singapore, 2am, K.Bank.

NYK Springtide (NYK), for Suva, 8pm, MTL.

President Kennedy (APL), for Seattle, 3am, HIT.

Richmond Bridge (Kawasaki), for Keelung, 3pm, MTL.

Sea Dragon (Cosco), for Huangpu, 10am, HIT.

Sealand Charger (Sealand), for New York, 11am, SLT.

Songhe (Cosco), from Singapore, 11pm, HIT.

Sovereign Maersk (Maersk), from Europe, 10am, MTL.

Steindeich (Hyaline), for Singapore, 11am, HIT.

Thuban (Excelsior), for Kaohsiung, 8am, B12.

Trade Harvest (Hanjin), for Europe, 9pm, K.Bank.

Uni Obtain (Evergreen), for Jakarta, 10pm, HIT.

W.H. 211 (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung, 8am, HIT.

Wing Sing (Swellchief), for Ningbo, 5am, B23.

Xianghe (Cosco), for Shanghai, 3pm, HIT.

ARRIVED YESTERDAY APL Korea (APL), American, from Singapore.

Bunga Pelangi Dua (MSC), Malaysian, from Europe.

Chang Ying (Golden Fortune), Panamanian, from Pusan.

Dahe (Cosco), Panamanian, from Shanghai.

European Express (Pearl Delta), from Singapore.

Ever Unison (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung.

Fuchun (Hyaline), Taiwanese, from Kaohsiung.

Glory Container (Powick), Panamanian, from Taichung.

Hansa Rostock (Hyaline), Panamanian, from Taichung.

Heung-A Bangkok (Kong Hing), Panamanian, from Pusan.

Heung-A Nagoya (Kong Hing), Panamanian, from Haiphong.

Hyundai Emerald (Hyundai), Panamanian, from US.

Hyundai Explorer (Hyundai), Panamanian, from Seattle.

Ipanema (Bar. Wil.), Panamanian, from Durban.

Kuo Lih (Cheng Lie), Taiwanese, from Bangkok.

Lindoe Maersk (Maersk), Danish, from Europe.

Ming Champion (Pearl Delta), Taiwanese, from Kaohsiung.

Ming Moon (Pearl Delta), Taiwanese, from Kaohsiung.

Ming Star (Pearl Delta), Taiwanese, from Singapore.

Nedlloyd Oceania (P&O Nedlloyd), Dutch, from Europe.

NOL Sardonyx (NOL), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung.

Nordwelle (Hyundai), Panamanian, from Keelung.

Olandia (Hyaline), Panamanian, from Jakarta.

Pan He (Cosco), Panamanian, from Bangkok.

President Kennedy (APL), American, from US.

Qing Hong (Euro Asia), Panamanian, from Xiamen.

Sealand Charger (Sealand), American, from Zhuenchuen.

Shin Chun (Hyaline), Panamanian, from Singapore.

Sovereign Maersk (Maersk), Danish, from Keelung.

Thuban (Excelsior), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung.

Uni Ahead (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung.

Vira Bhum (Euro Asia), Panamanian, from Bangkok.

W.H. 211 (Hyaline), Taiwanese, from Singapore.

W.H. 216 (Hyaline), Taiwanese, from Kaohsiung.

Wing Sing (Swellchief), Chinese, from Ningbo.

Xinhuihe (Constran), Panamanian, from Auckland.

SAILED YESTERDAY Chin Chun (Hyaline), for Manila.

CSAV Santos (Jardine), for Durban.

Dahe (Cosco), for Singapore.

Dongengshan (Euro Asia), for Xiamen.

European Express (Pearl Delta), for Kaohsiung.

Ever Unison (Evergreen), for Suva.

Franconia (Hyaline), for Japan.

Fuchun (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung.

Hyundai Emerald (Hyundai), for Singapore.

Kuo Jane (Cheng Lie), for Kaohsiung.

Lindoe Maersk (Maersk), for Kaohsiung.

Lion Heart (CML), for Singapore.

Makaim Mikhaylov (Fesco), for Sydney.

Ming Star (Pearl Delta), for Kaohsiung.

NOL Sardonyx (NOL), for Europe.

Olandia (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung.

OOCL China (OOCL), for Suva.

Pacific Breeze (Hyaline), for Keelung.

Pan He (Cosco), for Huangpu.

Sea Prominence (Sealand), for Kaohsiung.

Sin Chun (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung.

South China Express (Sealand), for Santos.

Uni Ahead (Evergreen), for Jeddah.

W.H. 216 (Hyaline), for Singapore.

Wellington Maru (OSK), for Auckland.

Yongjinmen (CMS), for Ningbo.


ACX Lilac (NYK), from Keelung.

Chi Xiang (Wai Hong), from Ningbo.

European Express (Pearl Delta), from Singapore.

Hanjin Paris (Hanjin), from Suva.

Heung-A Hakata (Kong Hing), from Ho Chi Minh City.

Hyundai Challenger (Hyundai), from Singapore.

Jurong (Igor), from Japan.

Kaishun (Hyaline), from Kaohsiung.

Manaslu (Good Sources), from Shanghai.

Mekong Quest (Maersk), from Kaohsiung.

Ming Europe (Pearl Delta), from New York.

NOL Seginus (NOL), from Kaohsiung.

OOCL Germany (OOCL), from Kaohsiung.

Perak (Evergreen), from Shanghai.

Rea (Hyaline), from Keelung.

Rich Star (Lailon), from Kaohsiung.

Sea Express (PIL), from Kaohsiung.

Sea Prominence (Sealand), from Kaohsiung.

Sufa (Wai Hong), from Zhangjiagang.

Uni Forward (Evergreen), from Singapore.

W.H. 206 (Hyaline), from Kaohsiung.

W.H. 225 (Hyaline), from Singapore.

Washington Senator (Jebsen), from Kaohsiung.

Zim Shanghai (Sun Hing), from Singapore.


Alligator Fortune (OSK), for Singapore.

APL Korea (APL), for Suva.

Atlantic Lady (Powick), for Kaohsiung.

Bauhinia (Dong Woo), for Ho Chi Minh City.

Dragon Well (Excelsior), for Kaohsiung.

Empress Sea (Cosco), for Port Said.

Gloria 1 (Kong Hing), for Singapore.

Glory Container (Dong Woo), for Kaohsiung.

Halla Liberty (Dong Woo), for Pusan.

Heung-A Bangkok (Kong Hing), for Bangkok.

Heung-A Carmen (Kong Hing), for Manila.

Heung-A Ulsan (Kong Hing), for Haiphong.

Hyundai Challenger (Hyundai), for Suva.

Hyundai Stride (Hyundai), for Keelung.

La Loire (OSK), for Europe.

Mekong Quest (Maersk), for Haiphong.

Nedlloyd Pasteur (P&O Nedllody), for Port Said.

Nedlloyd San Jose (P&O Nedlloyd), for Santos.

Pan He (Cosco), for Japan.

Qing Hong (Euro Asia), for Xiamen.

Rea (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung.

Rich Star (Lailon), for Pusan.

Sea Express (PIL), for Singapore.

Sea Prominence (Sealand), for Japan.

Verachuz (APL), for Seattle.

Viro Bhum (Euro Asia) for Bangkok.


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Shipping in port

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