Unsafe paths easily accessible

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 29 October, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 29 October, 1997, 12:00am

I would like to draw readers' attention to the Provisional Regional Council's management of Wo Hop Shek Cemetery.

It is fair to say that the council has made some welcome improvements in its construction and maintenance of roads and trails in the cemetery.

However, I am disappointed to find that officials have overlooked some simple but crucial arrangements for both the convenience and safety of the public.

According to a council official whom I contacted, some trails and footpaths in the cemetery are now closed, because they are not safe for members of the public to use.

However, I was shocked to discover that these areas that had been closed were still easily accessible.

At present, there are practically no notices or signs informing the public about the dangers. This means that people, who come to cemeteries during Chinese festivals to sweep the graves of their relatives, could be at risk.

I am also concerned about traffic arrangements during such festivals.

The roads are closed for the convenience of the public, however, there are well-maintained roads and car parks nearby.

I would like the Provisional Regional Council to consider the possibility of providing a minibus service for those people who would prefer to use a minibus to get to the hill graveyards from the foot of the hill.

I believe that this minibus service is worth considering and I am sure it would be welcomed by both young and old grave-sweepers.