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Hublot finds classic niche

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 14 March, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 14 March, 1993, 12:00am

MDM Geneve has turned its back on fashion trends in watchmaking to implement a policy of refining its existing Hublot series.

It has coined the phrase ''Classic Forever'' to describe this concept.

Created just 12 years ago, MDM Geneve believes the Hublot, once a novelty watch, has found a niche as a classic, in the same way that the Model-T Ford and the Volkswagen Beetle did in the automobile industry.

A combination of Italian design and Swiss watchmaking skills have earned MDM Geneve increasing recognition in the international market.

Hublot, the French word for porthole, joins a metal case with a supple yet resistant rubber strap.

Highly precise, fine tooling guarantees its water resistance. Its quartz movement offers the security of advanced technology.

A watch for the times, Hublot is designed to withstand all kinds of pressure.

The Hublot series enjoys a constancy of design which makes it easily identifiable.

Its size may change to suit different wrists, it may become a chronograph, a diving watch, a travel companion or even a jewellery watch, but it is always a recognisable Hublot.

Traditional Hublot models exist in four sizes: mini, lady's, medium and gentleman's. There are three choices of material: steel, steel and gold, and 18-carat gold.

The steel and gold version may be set with diamonds on the bezel instead of screws, or over the entire bezel and attachments. Jewellery pieces complete this range.

The Chronographs, in addition to a Swiss-made movement, all have a mechanical system which drives two separate motors: quartz for the hour and the date, mechanical for the chronograph functions.

The double motor system avoids function-overloading of a single motor, and the return-to-zero of the counters is automatic and independent.

They have a black or white dial, and come in steel, steel-gold, or in yellow or pink 18-carat gold.

Diving watches, water resistant to 300 metres, feature a patented technologically advanced crown and a safety adjusting ring which turns only counter-clockwise.

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) watches indicate time in another country as well as local time.

The turning bezel allows adjustment by the half hour, and the models are water-resistant to a depth of 100 metres.

Automatic watches are derived from the traditional Hublot watch, but differ through their satin-finished gold case with slightly rounded edges and the absence of screws on the bezel.

The automatic movement is visible through the sapphire case back, and its dimensions make it one of the flattest movements in the world in its category.

The Automatic 91 features Arabic numerals on the dial rather than screws on the bezel to indicate hours and minutes.

It is water-resistant to 50 metres, and is available with a silver or black dial and in gold, gold and steel or all steel.