Don't put mother on the political stage, Mr Lee

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 09 December, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 09 December, 1997, 12:00am

The picture of a sad Martin Lee Chu-ming under the headline, 'Democrat mother voteless' (South China Morning Post, December 3), distressed because his mother had been 'disenfranchised', indicates how far the Queen's Counsel is prepared to go to discredit the SAR Government.

If Mr Lee cares for his mother, as he claims, the remedy is simple.

Thousands, including myself, have had to apply for permanent residence which was denied to us under the British Government.

All he has to do is appeal to the Immigration Department for his mother to be registered as a permanent resident. 'For an old lady,' he whimpers, 'that is hard.' But what is stopping her lawyer son from appealing on her behalf? I dealt with a similar case recently. A man with very little education, but much concern for his mother aged over 90 and hardly able to walk, wanted to get permanent residency for her so that she would not have to go frequently to the Immigration Department.

After taking up the case I found the Immigration Department helpful.

The old lady was not seeking the right to vote for me, but she wanted and succeeded in getting the benefit of being a permanent resident and cheaper medical treatment, since her son was spending too much of his salary on her medical care.

Come on, Mr Lee, don't play the sob stuff to get votes.

For eight years your party has used the Tiananmen Square tragedy for political capital. Are you now going to use your mother to gain popular support? ELSIE TU Provisional Legislative Councillor