Political activities fail to lure young

PUBLISHED : Monday, 15 December, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 15 December, 1997, 12:00am

Young people are not interested in activities organised by social and political groups, a survey shows.

A poll of 644 people conducted by an alliance of six youth groups found only 2.5 per cent had participated in political-group activities.

About seven per cent said they seldom took part while 90.7 per cent said they had never done so.

But nearly 40 per cent said they would vote in the May Legislative Council election.

Of those studying in schools or colleges, only 8.5 per cent regularly joined in student union activities, while 62 per cent said they never did.

Only 6.8 per cent regularly did volunteer work.

Almost 65 per cent did none at all.

The most popular activities were those organised by youth groups and community centres, but still only 13 per cent of those interviewed said they frequently took part. About 40 per cent participated occasionally.

Chan Tak-ming, spokesman for the coalition comprising such groups as the Hok Yau Club and the New Territories Youth Federation urged the Government to help get young people involved.

He said more should be done to incorporate the views of young people in youth policies.

When asked whether the community gave enough respect to their views, none of those surveyed responded with a definite yes.

About 23 per cent said their views were 'respected sometimes'.

Meanwhile, 65 per cent of those interviewed said they had not been taught enough about the mainland's culture, history and social systems.