Willis and Gere clash in deadly showdown

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 18 December, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 18 December, 1997, 12:00am

The 'Jackal' (Bruce Willis) is a ruthless assassin hired by international cut-throats to eliminate someone at the very top of the United States' government. His price is US$70 million (HK$541 million).

He's good at changing his identity and slipping from place to place. Everything about this hitman remains a mystery.

The FBI enlist the aid of an imprisoned underground operative (Richard Gere) to stop the Jackal. These unlikely allies enter a global race against the clock to stop the mercenary before he can complete his deadly assignment.

The Jackal opens today at GV Hollywood, GV Mongkok, UA Queensway, UA Sha Tin, UA Whampoa, Majestic, Gateway, Broadway Kwai Fong, Broadway Mongkok and New York.

In the distant future, Earth is at war with a race of giant alien insects. Little is known about the bugs except they are intent on the eradication of all human life.

Johnny Rico (Casper Van Dien), who has undergone rigorous military training, is about to resign when Earth is attacked by the bugs.

He decides to stay with the Mobile Infantry and fight the insect threat to civilisation. Starship Troopers presents a new kind of war. Opens today at GV Mongkok, Broadway Tsuen Wan, Broadway Yuen Long and Broadway Kwai Fong.

George of the Jungle - played by Brendan Fraser - gets the opportunity to move to the city to live as a civilised man with the comforts of modern- day life. When he returns to his jungle habitat, he must fight off poachers.

George of the Jungle opens next week at GV Mongkok and GV Hollywood.