Online the sky's the virtual limit

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 30 December, 1997, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 30 December, 1997, 12:00am

Aviation fanatics will never get bored on the Internet. There are plenty of Web sites to keep them entertained.

If you like aircraft - private, commercial, military or models - Cyberskies (http://www. is a place to check out.

The 'flying contraption of the month' feature takes a close-up look at a specific type of aircraft. There is also space for surfers to submit their own stories.

Agony aunt Crash Landers helps visitors solve problems related to aviation.

There are also quizzes and games to test surfers' knowledge, initiative, good judgment, reflexes and flying skills.

Other interesting features include a story on the history of airmail.

Before the invention of aircraft, people flew in balloons. These days, a non-stop flight around the world in a balloon remains one of the last great aviation challenges.

In the pioneering days of balloon flight, a sheep, duck and rooster were chosen as the first live passengers.

At NOVA/PBS Online Adventure (http://, you can read about the history and science of ballooning, the jet stream and much more. You can even take a four-minute virtual balloon flight.

Or try Balloon Zone (http://www.balloon for information on modern ballooning. This site also unravels the mysteries behind balloon construction.

To Fly is Everything - at html. - is a virtual museum covering the invention of the aircraft.

It contains a digital library of articles dating to the turn of the century, video clips of early planes, and many photographs.

There is even rare footage of the European Wright Flyer.

It shows a take-off and turn in the air by pioneering aviator Wilbur Wright.

Another shows American president Teddy Roosevelt's first trip in an aircraft.

The footage is in QuickTime format.