Deputy denies abalone meals bought votes

PUBLISHED : Friday, 02 January, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 02 January, 1998, 12:00am

Bank director Liu Lit-for said he had no regrets about treating voters to expensive meals during the NPC vote.

The Liu Chong Hing Bank director denied buying members of the selection panel costly abalone meals to influence their vote, saying the meals were strictly business.

He also denied suggestions that his generosity had tainted the selection process.

Mr Liu came 23rd in the vote to appoint local NPC deputies and gained 253 votes.

'I am happy about [those rumours]. They give me a chance to show the others what kind of a person I am and to let them know why I won,' he said.

Mr Liu said he had known a lot of people throughout his years of public service, including his stint as a legislator from 1985 to 1988, and his leadership of Chiu Chow groups, and that helped him win.

He said his success was also down to the fact he attended many receptions during the handover and National Day celebrations.

Mr Liu said he shook hands with a lot of people and offered to help other candidates in return for their support.

He said he would serve the NPC well and would 'not just say what the Government wants to hear' as some yes-man deputies had done in the past.

Mr Liu said there was a need to strengthen the accountability of the NPC deputies in Hong Kong.

One of the areas that ought to be promoted, he said, was the people's right to throw out deputies as stated in the mainland constitution.

He said better public access to the meetings of deputies and the minutes could boost NPC transparency.

Mr Liu said he had yet to finalise his views on how the new deputies should work.

Speaking about the mainland, Mr Liu said the most pressing problem was corruption, and the social and economic problems created by market reforms.

He said his prime focus would be on the economic blueprint set out in the 15th Party Congress.