Hop to it and start studying

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 06 January, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 06 January, 1998, 12:00am

I had always told myself I would be a brilliant student - if only I could catch the Green Rabbit.

The story went that, if you could catch the elusive rabbit, you could get its magic 'auto- pen' which would help you to pass examinations.

Goodness knows I needed it. I was the worst in my class. I always failed because I spent my time daydreaming, often about the Green Rabbit.

One day I was in the washroom at school when I had a strong feeling I would achieve my goal. Just then I saw something moving nearby, something bathed in a green light.

'It's the Green Rabbit,' I cried as I rushed to grab it.

'I will give you the auto-pen,' it said. 'Just let me go.' I was somewhat taken aback by fact the Green Rabbit could speak but I recovered sufficiently to make a deal with it.

'The auto-pen is mine now and I will get full marks in the test tomorrow,' I said.

The next day I used the auto- pen when I sat a test.

'Oh, what a miracle,' I sighed as the pen just wrote and wrote.

'I will probably get full marks,' I told myself.

But when the results came back I discovered I had received zero marks. How stupid I was to have believed that silly myth.

'Come and see me after school,' said my teacher.

I knew I was in for a scolding.

'How can you make so many mistakes in a test?' she asked.

I told her what had happened.

'I want to have a bright future,' I blurted. 'I don't want to be rubbish.' 'How do you expect to do well without putting in any effort?' my teacher asked.

'Do you know what is meant by 'no pain, no gain'? 'How can you pass if you don't do any work?' I realised she was right and from that day I changed my attitude and my life. Now I know the meaning of hard work.

I must thank my teacher - and the Green Rabbit.

Ying-kit is a student of Chuen Yuen College