Enraged at increase in price of package tour

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 08 January, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 08 January, 1998, 12:00am

My fiancee and I reserved four places for a package tour organised by Hong Thai Travel Services Limited to Hawaii during the Lunar New Year.

We were given repeated assurances by the company's branch manager in Tuen Mun that there would not be any additional surcharges for the tour. To further reassure us, he wrote the word 'nett' in Chinese beside the agreed amount.

We left their branch office confident about the agreed price and looked forward to our trip to Hawaii.

My fiancee later received a call from one of the company's representatives, demanding an additional $3,000 surcharge for the tour.

The representative claimed that the airline had increased its prices. He gave no additional reasons and was not apologetic about this significant increase. He also mentioned that if we did not want to pay the extra amount we could reclaim our deposit.

We were very frustrated and enraged that a company of their size and reputation could take such action. We are planning to cancel our package as we no longer have any confidence in the company.

What enrages me further is that they run advertisements proclaiming a no-surcharge policy once the price is confirmed. I hope the company amend this advertisement because it is clearly misleading.

As a hotelier and thus a representative of the tourism industry, I simply refuse to accept this course of action. I demand a detailed explanation from the company regarding this matter.