Canine weddings a howling success

PUBLISHED : Friday, 09 January, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 09 January, 1998, 12:00am

A Spanish agency that finds males for female dogs whose owners want puppies has announced it will organise weddings for the animals.

The Mascotas agency will now start marrying dogs in ceremonies where the groom can be dressed in a ribbon- decorated suit, with the bride wearing a veil and flowers.

An actor plays the priest, other dogs act as witnesses, and the couple exchange medals instead of wedding rings. They sign a marital register with paw prints.

The canine couple spend a honeymoon in an animal home - to start a family - then they separate. The weddings cost a minimum of US$2,700 (HK$20,900).

It's hardly a cause most people would consider dying for, but 11 gardeners in Los Angeles feel so strongly about a city-wide ban on petrol-powered leaf-blowers they've gone on a hunger strike.

'We are here for a righteous cause,' one striker said. Most of them Mexican migrants, they have taken nothing but liquids since Saturday. Leaf-blowers are said to be noisy and pollute the atmosphere.

Confused schoolchildren in the former Soviet peninsula of Crimea think Napoleon or Adolf Hitler led the 1917 Russian Revolution.

About 150 youngsters taking part in a poll showed a lack of knowledge about Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet state. In some periods of Soviet history, such a slip would have been fatal.

Ten-year-old Gerald Dunbar, from Florida, is walking tall after delivering a baby.

He was going to school when his pregnant aunt called him from the bathroom. 'When I opened the door I saw the baby's head,' he said.

The boy grabbed a towel and helped ease out the baby's shoulder.

He cleaned up the newborn and held it, umbilical cord still intact, until relatives arrived minutes later.

'It was pretty yucky but I wasn't scared . . . Well, not real scared,' he said.

Mother and baby were in good condition, as was the self-claimed 'Dr Dunbar'.