Shipping in port

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 14 January, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 14 January, 1998, 12:00am

ARRIVING TODAY APL Thailand (APL), from US, 10am, HIT Chuhe (Wai Hong), from Shanghai, 10am, A.Buoy Estoril (PIL), from Singapore, noon, A Buoy Ever Ranger (Evergreen), from Kaohsiung, 3am, HIT Hamburg Express (Hapag-Lloyd), from Kaohsiung, 3am, HIT Hyundai Challenger (Hyundai), from Kaohsiung, 2am, HIT Jingancheng (Cosco), from Japan, 2pm, HIT Kuo Cheng (Cheng Lie), from Kaohsiung, 10am, A.Buoy La Linda (OSK), from Singapore, 5am, HIT Manaslu (Good Sources), from Shanghai, 11pm, A.Buoy Mardia (Hyaline), from Keelung, 1am, HIT Mawlamyaine (Sun Hing), from Ho Chi Minh City, 1pm, A.Buoy Ming Container (Powick), from Bangkok, 11pm, A.Buoy NYK Andromedia (NYK), from Zhuenchuen, 10am, MTL Olandai (Hyaline), from Kaohsiung, 2am, HIT Osaka (Kawasaki), from Japan, 9am, HIT P&O Nedlloyd Salvador (P&O Nedlloyd), from Singapore, 5am, HIT Perak (Evergreen), from Shanghai, 10am, HIT Sealand Endurance (Sealand), from US, 3am, SLT Seven Seas Beacon (Dong Woo), from Keelung, 9am, HIT Stenwille (Hapag-Lloyd), from Singapore, 2am, HIT Susan Maersk (Maersk), from Europe, 8am, SLT Tower Bridge (Kawasaki), from Japan, 8am, HIT Yunhe (Cosco), from US, noon, HIT Zhaoqinghe (Constran), from Auckland, 10am, HIT SAILING TODAY ACX Lily (NYK), for Kaohsiung, 10am, MTL Asian Friendship (Dong Woo), for Haiphong, 1pm, A78 Ever Ranger (Evergreen), for Singapore, 5pm, HIT Honchun (Hyaline), for Singapore, 10am, HIT Hyundai Challenger (Hyundai), for Zhuenchuen, 11pm, HIT Jianmenyu (Hyaline), for Xiamen, 2am, HIT Kuo Yang (Cheng Lie), for Singapore, 8pm, A28 La Linda (OSK), for Keelung, 11am, HIT Mardia (Hyaline), for Manila, 10am, HIT Med Taichung (Pearl Delta), for Singapore, 2am, HIT NYK Andromeda (NYK), for Singapore, 11pm, MTL P&O Nedlloyd Salvador (P&O Nedlloyd), for Keelung, 10pm, HIT Perak (Evergreen), for Singaproe, 9pm, HIT Sealand Endurance (Sealand), for Kaohsiung, 5pm, SLT Seven Seas Beacon (Dong Woo), for Singapore, 11pm, HIT Stenwille (Hapag-Lloyd), for Singapore, 3pm, HIT Suchang (Good Sources), for Shanghai, 3am, B12 Susan Maersk (Maersk), for Kaohsiung, 11pm, SLT Tyhe (OSK), for Singapore, 10am, HIT Uni Humanity (Evergreen), for Ho Chi Minh City, 1am, HIT W.H. 161 (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung, 11am, HIT Zim Bangkok (Sun Hing), for Ho Chi Minh City, 10am, MTL Zim Port Said (Sun Hing), for Yokohama, 1am, MTL ARRIVED YESTERDAY ACX Lily (NYK), Panamanian, from Singapore APL Indonesia (OOCL), Liberian, from Kaohsiung Asian Friendship (Dong Woo), Panamanian, from Haiphong Busan Glory (Dong Woo), Panamanian, from Pusan Chana Bhum (Euro Asia), Panamanian, from Shanghai Ever Brisk (Kong Hing), Panamanian, from Pusan Global Myth (Sealand), American, from Japan Hanjin London (Hanjin), Korean, from Kaohsiung Hanjin Rotterdam (Hanjin), Korean, from Kaohsiung Hanoi Glory (Dong Woo), Panamanian, from Pusan Happy Island (Kong Hing), Panamanian, from Pusan Honchun (Hyaline), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung Hyundai Fidelity (Hyundai), Panamanian, from Singapore Hyundai Fortune (Hyundai), Panamanian, from Singapore Huundai Future (Hyundai), Panamanian, from Singapore Khud N Rerikh (Fesco), Panamanian, from Auckland Ming America (Pearl Delta), Taiwanese, from US NOL Ruby (NOL), Panamanian, from Los Angeles Pacific Breeze (Hyaline), Panamanian, from Keelung Ponil Salvador (P&O Nedlloyd), Dutch, from Singapore Rhein Bridge (Kawasaki), Liberian, from Europe Suyun (Jiang Thong), Panamanian, from Zhangjiagang Tong Fa (Evergreen), Panamanian, from Xiamen Tyhe (OSK), Panamanian, from Kaohsiung W.H. 161 (Hyaline), Taiwanese, from Singapore Zhehai 108 (Golden Fortune), Panamanian, from Shanghai Zim Bangkok (Sun Hing), German, from Kaohsiung Zim Port Said (Sun Hing), German, from Singapore SAILED YESTERDAY Anchun (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung APL Indonesia (OOCL), for Europe Chana Bhum (Euro Asia), for Singapore Chin Chun (Hyaline), for Keelung Choyang Progress (Choyang), for Singapore Global Myth (Sealand), for New York Hanoi Glory (Dong Woo), for Ho Chi Minh City Henry Hudson Bridge (Kawasaki), for Kaohsiung Heung-A Singapore (Kong Hing), for Bangkok Hyundai Fidelity (Hyundai), for Suva Hyundai Future (Hyundai), for Kaohsiung Isra Bhum (Euro Asia), for Bangkok Kuo Hsin (Cheng Lie), for Kaohsiung Kuo Tai (Cheng Lie), for Kaohsiung Lujiang (Golden Forturne), for Nanjing Nedlloyd Korrigan (P&O Nedlloyd), for Port Said NYK Seabreeze (NYK), for Suva Ponil Salvador (P&O Nedlloyd), for Durban Poyang (Powick), for Xiamen Tahe (Cosco), for Xiamen Tahe (Cosco), for Huangpu Tropical Challenger (OSK), for Singapore Uni Orient (Evergreen), for Jakarta Uni Valor (Evergreen), for Pusan W.H. 207 (Hyaline), for Manila Yuguhe (Cosco), for New York EXPECTED ARRIVALS TOMORROW ACX Cherry (NYK), from Bangkok ACX Clover (NYK), from Keelung Alligator Hope (OSK), from Singpore Aveiro (Pearl Delta), from Kaohsiung Colombo Bay (Cheng Lie), from Europe Dainty River (Cosco), from Port Said Dea Brovig (Euro Asia), from Singapore Dongfengshan (Euro Asia), from Xiamen DSR Senator (Jebsen), from Singapore Ever Goods (Evergreen), from Keelung Franconia (Hyaline), from Singapore Good Rider (CMS), from Dalian Haitang (Zhong Shan), from Zhanjiagang Hanjin Elizabeth (Hanjin), from Kaohsiung Hanjin Valencia (Hanjin), from Kaohsiung Heung-A Grace (Sun Hing), from Manila Hyundai Admiral (Hyundai), from Europe Hyundai Freedom (Hyundai), from US Kuo Yu (Cheng Lie), from Kaohsiung Leise Maersk (Maersk), from Keelung Leixoes (Houston (Maersk), from Singapore MSC Robecca (Wallem), from Port Said Nedlloyd Pascal (P&O Nedlloyd), from Port Said Nedlloyd San Jose (P&O Nedlloyd), from Singapore OOCL Alliance (OOCL), from Tientsin Qingchumen (CMS), from Ningbo Qiuhe (Constran), from Shanghai Rea (Hyaline), from Keelung Rich Star (Lailon), from Qingdao Sealand Voyager (Sealand), from US Shanhe (Cosco), from Qingdao Singapore Glory (Dong Woo), from Pusan Sky Fortune (Tsinlien), from Tientsin Ta Navigator (Tasman), from Auckland Taoyuan (Evergreen), from Kaohsiung Tian Yan (Tsinlien), from Tientsin Uni Fortune (Evergreen), from Kaohsiung W.H. 202 (Hyaline), from Surabaya Zim Pusan (Sun Hing), from Singapore EXPECTED SAILINGS TOMORROW ACX Clover (NYK), for Singapore Alligator Hope (OSK), for Japan Argonaut (Hyaline), for Ho Chi Minh City Aveiro (Pearl Delta), for Japan Buxmoon (East West), for Japan Chuhe (Wai Hong), for Shanghai Dagmar Maersk (Maersk), for New York Dolphin Express (East West), for Manila Estorial (Kong Hing), for Japan Ever Brisk (Kong Hing), for Pusan Ever Goods (Evergreen), for New York Ever Racer (Evergreen), for Europe Franconia (Hyaline), for Japan Hanjin Jakarta (Dong Woo), for Pusan Hanjin London (Hanjin), for Europe Heung-A Manial (Kong Hing), for Bangkok Integra (Maersk), for Singapore Leixoes (Hayaline), for Singapore Ming Container (Pearl Delta), for Kaohsiung Ming East (Pearl Delta), for Europe Tower Bridge (Kawasaki), for Kaohsiung W.H. 202 (Hyaline), for Kaohsiung Zim Pusan (Sun Hing), for Pusan


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Shipping in port

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