Cover-up keeps Adam and Eve's modesty safe

PUBLISHED : Friday, 19 March, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 19 March, 1993, 12:00am

HUNDREDS of afternoon shoppers got an unexpected peek at some flimsy fashion lingerie yesterday but there was hardly a blush in sight.

Modesty was safely enshrined under a blizzard of confetti and a canopy of shimmery gauze.

A dozen leggy models shuffled beneath the canopy in a range of scimpy undergarments and swimwear before emerging for the mock wedding finale wearing little else but modern-day fig leaves of stockings and lace.

The crowd that jammed every vantage point around The Mall at Pacific Place strained for a glimpse.

There were a few wrinkled brows over what the models were wearing beneath that softly billowing canopy which covered the entire runway and the better part of the stage for the two shows yesterday afternoon.

Those connected with the show were adamant the cover was the safeguard of modesty as Marguerite Lee's collection unfolded to an Adam and Eve theme, accompanied by seductive music, scents and the showers of confetti.

But several noted privately that Swire Properties, the Pacific Place management, had expressed concern over whether showing off lingerie was appropriate for a family shopping centre.

Choreographer Mr Alan Bailey said: ''We are showing respect for the models and the location we are in. You have to remember we are entirely in the open end of a public shopping mall.

''Seduction was the theme and we also felt the lingerie was part of the intimate apparel that should be used to tease.'' Some in the audience were teased and displeased.

''I came for the first show, but I couldn't see anything because of the cover. I came back for the second show with my camera hoping to see something,'' said Mr Wong Wing-fai.

Swire Properties officials declined to comment on the issue yesterday.