Mini-buses spoiling pleasant spot

PUBLISHED : Monday, 19 January, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 19 January, 1998, 12:00am

Could the Urban Council please explain why an ever increasing number of mini buses belonging to upmarket apartment complexes are being allowed to wait, with their engines running, outside City Hall? Since the demolition of the very pleasant sitting-out area in front of Exchange Square, replaced by a parking area which extends to the ferry piers with no seating facilities available, the only easily accessible harbour view in Central district is the small area between City Hall and the Star Ferry.

It is very popular with tourists using the ferries or waiting for the peak tram.

However what should be a pleasant, relaxing spot is nothing more than another car park with the accompanying fumes and noise.

There is a complete disregard also for the well-being of the passengers who use the ferries which dock at Queen's Pier, and the many people who visit City Hall throughout the day.

While the provision of mini-bus services to apartment blocks must be encouraged, as this leads to a reduction in the number of cars on Hong Kong's roads, an alternative parking area should be provided.

What about the acres of empty space on the former Tamar site? The sitting-out area there is more open and is not so popular with pedestrians because there is no easy or quick access to either Pacific Place or Central.

With the ever decreasing quality of the air we inhale, a greater effort should be made to provide citizens and visitors with a small, accessible oasis where they can sit, relax and breathe some fresh sea air.