Plan to cancel schemes would generate $6.7m

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 31 January, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 31 January, 1998, 12:00am

About $6.7 million could be saved in the next financial year if a proposal to cancel three localisation schemes at the Department of Justice is approved.

Historically, it was one of the departments with the highest percentage of expatriates, but it is now 80 per cent localised.

The schemes, introduced nine years ago, put local officers on the fast-track, promoting them to acting positions to gain quick experience.

In early 1996 - the latest period for which figures are available - 27 officers were involved.

The three schemes are: The double ladder scheme involving nine government counsel acting as senior government counsel; The development posts scheme: 14 senior government counsel acting as assistant principal government counsel; The succession posts scheme: four deputy principal government counsel acting as principal government counsel.

Under the proposal, the officers would return to their old jobs and salaries, saving about $558,740 a month or $6.7 million a year.

Salaries range from $41,965 for a government counsel to $127,900 for a principal government counsel.

A senior local officer supported the cancellation. He said: 'Why should we continue to let those people act at higher positions if they are not qualified?' The proposal will be submitted to the provisional legislature before it is disbanded in April.