Jamaica Blue coffee fix costs cool $68

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 February, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 February, 1998, 12:00am

It is the most expensive cup of coffee in town but as far as treats go, it is a cheap pick-me-up. The $68 cup of the moment is the rare Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, which is the Rolls-Royce of the coffee menu at new gourmet coffee shop, Kaldi's.

Located at the high-profile corner of D'Aguilar and Wellington Streets, Kaldi's admits the genuine Jamaican Blue Mountain, which carries a certification from the Jamaican government, is hard to come by because of high worldwide demand for the limited number of beans.

If Jamaican Blue Mountain is not available on a particular day, there is no shortage of high-quality choice on this menu, including Emerald Mountain ($50), Aged Sumatra Mandheling ($38), two trademark Singapore blends - Mocha Singa ($32) and Kopi Baba ($32) - and the Kaldi's signature Iced Mocha Vanilla ($38).

Owned by Singapore-based import-export company Hiang Kie, Kaldi's is part of a speciality chain preparing to serve Hong Kong with its largest range of coffees yet. Another two kiosks are scheduled to open at the new airport mid-1998.

Kaldi's, named after the legendary goat-herd who is said to have discovered coffee, also serves light salads and sandwiches as well as a selection of desserts. It is open from 10am to 10pm daily.

Vinegar as tipple Vinegar may not have been given its rightful dues in Hong Kong's drinking circles. They are not cheap, but aperitif vinegars look like a trend Cafe Deco is backing at its new store in the Peak Galleria.

A small range of the German Weinessiggut Doktorenhof vinegars is available at the three-month-old shop, including vinegar with orange blossom honey and vinegar with coffee blossom honey. Both cost $675 a bottle. If the label is to be believed, the vinegars are excellent for salads, cooking or for drinking. A third bottle contains honey vinegar ($670) and has a spray-nozzle, which is a novel way to coat lettuce or other leaves with the finest of vinegary mists.

Even if the sales assistant is not exactly clued up on tastes, vintages or grape-growing regions of the vinegar world, the tall thin bottles make gorgeous gifts.

For lovers on the go Valentine's Day celebrations with a twist are rare, but not impossible to find. The Continental in Quarry Bay has an 'amour on the go' choice this year, which means they bring the foods of love and Romeo and Juliet atmosphere to wherever you want.

The restaurant says the idea arose from previous customer requests. One was to cater a marriage proposal on the roof of the Prince's Building. Past outside-catering commissions have included a dinner for two in a hospital ward and a romantic meal in Victoria Park.

The menu is flexible and so are the terms, which means romantics who want total privacy can have their meal cooked and prepared and ready to transfer on to a plate. Full serving instructions will be provided. The alternative is to go for the waiter and chef service.

The Continental is also offering a regular set menu for $450, which includes a Champagne cocktail. Telephone 2563-2209 for information.