A glimpse of tomorrow's world today

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 12 February, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 12 February, 1998, 12:00am

Visitors to the Future Society pavilion, co-organised by Hongkong Telecom and Television Broadcasts, will be provided with a glimpse into the world to come.

Using the latest in technology, the pavilion will feature possible scenarios for all sorts of sectors, including the home, office, financial services, community services, infotainment, transport, electronic commerce, mobility and government offices.

The pavilion will be equipped with simulated models of possible applications of electronic and information technologies of the future.

An HK Telecom spokesperson said: 'The pavilion will comprise a range of interactive presentations and displays that will allow the public to experience and understand the impact brought by the development of information technology.' Sponsors and co-exhibitors include the Government, New World Telephone, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, IBM China/Hong Kong, the MTRC and Centaline Property Agency.

The co-organisers will also be showing simulated models of future infotainment and the home and office of tomorrow's world.

'As the pavilion's co-organiser, Hongkong Telecom will feature the 'smart home', the 'intelligent office' and 'future mobility', which provides a glimpse into the future of living and working in the Information Age,' a HK Telecom spokesperson said.

The other displays are divided into two categories - interactive multimedia programmes and displays and demonstrations.

According to HK Telecom, the interactive multimedia programmes involve a series of people-based scenarios which illustrate the real-life applications of emerging technologies on-screen in a lively and pragmatic manner.

Scenarios include intelligent workstations, training, meetings, both mobile and home offices, infotainment, electronic banking and interactive learning.

'Our objectives are to promote public awareness about the impact on daily life of future technology,' Telecom said.