Deborah Sims

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 15 February, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 15 February, 1998, 12:00am

Former member of the Hong Kong Olympic and Commonwealth Games swimming teams, holder of the Hong Kong 100 metre and 200 metre breaststroke records and host of her own fitness TV shows, she helped set up the chain of Phillip Wain health clubs with former husband Eddie Phillips before launching the Body By Deborah health and beauty spa last year in Causeway Bay.

Favourite book: The Seven Habits by Sydney Sheldon. It's easy reading and the type of novel I can't put down.

Magazine: Shape for its information on fitness and the latest trends on kits.

Film: Schindler's List, even though I cried a lot. The acting and cinematography were excellent and it gave me insight into the history of that time.

CD: Enya. It makes you think, but not too seriously, so I listen to it while doing my deep breathing exercises every day. Also Sarah Brightman which is more easy listening.

Car: My white Mercedes 500 sports convertible which is easy to drive and a very feminine car, unlike Porsches.

Place in Hong Kong to take a guest: One Harbour Road at The Grand Hyatt because I prefer to eat Chinese food in a European decor, maybe because I'm Eurasian.

Method of keeping fit: Step videos four times a week. It's fun and the change of movements motivates me. I do a mixture of my own videos and ones by Karen Void and Kathy Smith, usually at home. If I work out in my own spa I'm either disturbed by my staff or compelled to talk to clients.

Way to spend a Sunday: Running around on the Peak with my children, or watching family movies together like Look Who's Talking.

Holiday destination: Ibiza because it has both beautiful scenery and wild nightlife. I've been four times.

Scent: Rose, lemon and lavender aromatherapy oils. Perfume-wise I wear Pupa in the summer which is very fresh and unisex and Thierry Mugler or Dune in the winter.

Cosmetic/beauty product: A French brand called Samuel Par which is suitable for my tropical combination skin - oily on the T-zone area, dry around the cheeks. It has a great revitalising mask which you leave on overnight. It helps to close my open pores.

Accessory: I'm very much an accessory person. I'll always wear earrings, rings and necklaces with whatever I'm wearing. My favourite is a 24-carat gold Buddha necklace from Bangkok given to me by one of my best friends.

Hairdresser: Man at Private I.

Meal: Very simple tomato and basil-based fresh pastas.

Restaurant: Petit de la Seine in Paris which is where I had my first date with Dino, the man that I'm currently involved with. It's very romantic and typically French - very crowded, the tables are close together and noisy. The food is excellent; we had a lot of seafood on our first date.

Alcoholic drink: Cristal champagne.

Shop: The shops on Avenue Montagne which have very Parisian facades and interiors.

Artist: Sean Connery because of the strong, attractive, manly characters he plays. My favourite of his movies is The Name Of The Rose.

Designer: Thierry Mugler. His suits are classic but different at the same time. I also love his wild stuff which is very sexy and shows and enhances your figure.

Person: My children, Natasha and Bogart, because they're my blood and came from inside me. They're very strong-willed, just like me, and hopefully I can mould them into people I would like them to be.