Never-ending roadworks

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 18 February, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 18 February, 1998, 12:00am

I am sure I speak for many people living at the far end of Clearwater Bay Road.

We have had to endure roadworks for the past six years. I do not want to hear any official excuses, for example, that they are 'improvements' and 'to our advantage'.

There are three sets of traffic lights starting 0.6 kilometres from the roundabout at the start of Clearwater Bay Road, near Clearwater Bay Country Park, ending at Pik Sha Road. The traffic lights are not in sequence with each other.

Our cars are suffering from the bumps created by protruding manhole covers, uneven surfaces, the mounting of pavements made as extensions to the road and the joins between the old roads (which are probably only weeks old) and the new which are often not on the same level.

Maybe everyone one in this area should send their garage bills for replacement of shock absorbers, caused by this road, to the construction company that is responsible for the 'improvements', which we call roadworks.

In December 1996, foundations were being dug for a hospital at Junk Bay. One year later this enormous hospital has already at least seven floors.

The Clearwater Bay Road works are reputedly to continue until March 1999. The advertised dates of completion for the individual road sections are often changed to a later date.

Just before Christmas, a section was completed and another section was about to be dug up. The traffic lights were erected and a mechanical digger was in place, but no labourer was seen for days. The construction company was asked why the traffic lights were there, when it was obvious that the road was not being worked on.

The very next day a man came and speared eight small holes with the digger then left. Work actually started on this section about 10 days later. We could have had nearly two weeks with only two sets of traffic lights.

Many days go by without a construction worker on site. Clearly, the construction company concerned has taken on too many jobs.