Tiley is keen to stay just a little bit longer

PUBLISHED : Monday, 22 March, 1993, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 22 March, 1993, 12:00am

POPULAR New Zealand rider Nigel Tiley is not packing his bags just yet even though he figured prominently on the Licensing Committee ''hit list'' which became public knowledge last week.

Tiley, who has been around for almost four years, wants to make it five - and intends to lodge an appeal against the decision to invoke the three-year expat ruling against him.

''I have had a couple of talks with Alex Wong Siu-tan and our owners and they are very supportive.

''Not only that, there are other friends and owners outside the stable who want me to stay. I have always said that I would like another year here and so would my wife Kathryn,'' he said.

And former Club jockey Tiley does have rather reasonable grounds.

The original Club riders were informed that they could stay for two years in that capacity and then move on to a retainer - hopefully for three years.

Even those outside the club system generally seem to manage five years, most notably the about-to-be-axed Brent Thomson and Declan Murphy.

Using our fingers, we work out that Nigel has been here four. Give us five, man! THE glitz and glory of the International races will not be affecting brilliant Deerfield this season as he stands in his box in the yard of trainer Alex Wong Yu-on.

In fact, Deerfield will not be seen at the track at all as his trainer has decided on a complete break from the game for his troubled stable star, withdrawn from last week's Derby on the eve of the event with tendon problems.

But at least things are looking up for Alex. Not the Derby or the International Cup, but two race wins in successive meetings does give the stable a lift.

He was on target with Three Cheers at the Valley and did it again with Eastern Saga yesterday. IT could have been interesting to hear what Bruce Hutchison had to say to the Governor at the Valley midweek meeting.

Hutchison won the Governor's Cup with Sagar and came dressed for the occasion, clearly in anticipation of the big night.

And if Chris Patten, according to the political pages somewhat hard-pressed at the moment, needs any lessons in survival, he need only chat to Bruce.

Off the operating table last season only to get involved in a battle for his licence, he is still ending the season with a healthy strike rate.

The Governor has had a heart problem too, so let's benignly hope that, like Bruce, he also survives in the job. They're both good for Hongkong.