Money the aim of tutorial classes

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 24 February, 1998, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 24 February, 1998, 12:00am

Nowadays, more and more students are attending tutorial classes outside school.

Why has this trend developed, and are there real advantages to attending these tutorial classes? The facilities inside tutorial classrooms - which often hold more than 100 students - are admittedly excellent.

In addition, the students can get a lot of wonderful notes and tips which are valuable for passing the examination.

The tutors usually tell the students which part of the question will appear in the examination paper. Thus, many students often get grade A for some subjects.

It cannot be denied that attending tutorial classes can help students pass their examinations.

However, do students really gain knowledge from joining these classes? They only learn how to pass by regurgitating the notes which the tutor gives them. Is this a good study habit? Besides, the tutors often make many mistakes during tutorial lessons. For instance, one English tutor I know usually mispronounces his spoken English.

Although the equipment in tutorial classrooms is excellent, the conventional study atmosphere is lost.

In tutorial classes, students and tutors become more distant. The tutors only care about the tuition fees and the students only care about the handy notes and tips to pass the examination.

Study becomes commercial and meaningless. Perhaps the Government should control the operation of these colleges.

In conclusion, it is not worth attending tutorial classes. If you are interested in joining a tutorial class, you should think carefully about it first.

Mandy is a pupil of Tai Po Government Secondary School